Giggling Is Good

I love a good giggle, a silly snigger or a stomach aching storm of laughter.  It makes me feel good.  It makes me happy.  Most of the time hearing other people chuckle makes me want to join in.  OK, I admit it – sometimes if I am in full grouch mode, the sounds of merriment make me seethe with resentment. Thankfully, that is an exception to the rule.

Illustration: Tom McLaughlin

Illustration: Tom McLaughlin

This article by Tom McLaughlin for The Guardian appeared in my Twitter feed this morning. Should I tell the world that I was reading Twitter on the phone during a pee-break at work? Probably not! Anyway, I was feeling tired and a bit gritty and grotty and reading Tom’s words made me snort, loudly, several times, in the privacy of my little cubicle.  I apologise to the other ladies using the facilities for any discombobulation this may have caused.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

1 thought on “Giggling Is Good

  1. I really enjoyed that article, thanks for sharing. I have a dark secret, I watch you’ve been framed, it has me rolling about with tears in my eyes, (I know it’s shameful to laugh in the face of other people’s misadventure) but I can be giggling for days later. And what makes it even funnier, is when, after days of hysterical laughter, my frustrated family eventually ask for an explanation they don’t find it funny at all…. then off I go laughing at laughter.

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