Winchester Writers’ Festival 2015 Writeup

Damon has written a really great write-up of the Winchester Writer’s Festival. I was there as a student host again this year, so only get a restricted view of the activities. Hopefully I will be able to attend next year as a fully-fledged delegate. I’ll have to save up as, unlike Damon, I won’t be able to apply for the scholarship scheme. I’m far too old for that! Thank you for a fabulous insight into the three days, Damon.

Damon L. Wakes

Last weekend wasn’t my first time at the Winchester Writers’ Festival, but thanks to a scholarship from the University of Winchester, it was the first year I managed to attend the entire event. That really made quite a difference, since the full range of day courses, talks and workshops offered far more variety than I could have got from any individual day. It was particularly useful to be able to get advice on both writing and publishing. Here’s how the weekend went:


Each day of the festival starts (if you get up early enough!) with coffee and an opportunity to chat to other delegates. For the first two days, this was also an opportunity to wander around the Book Fair. I was really keen to make the absolute most of the weekend, though most people didn’t turn up until a little later.

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2 thoughts on “Winchester Writers’ Festival 2015 Writeup

  1. Glad you found it informative!

    I did some searching about while writing that, and noticed that unlike the scholarships, the bursaries don’t seem to have an age restriction. I’m not absolutely certain there isn’t some other small print somewhere, but it may well be worth applying. I’m sure the university would be keen to help you out. 🙂

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    • Thanks for that information, Damon. I will be certain to look into it before booking for next year’s festival.


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