Go Set A Watchman

Book coverLast week I read this newly published book by Harper Lee.  My brief review is on Goodreads.

Go Set A Watchman has been a publishing phenomenon.  The press and Twitter have been buzzing for months.  I’d be interested to know how much the hype, pre-publication reviews and inflammatory word-bites have influenced other people’s opinions.  Did it put you off reading the book? Did it create expectations of what the book was about? Did you agree with what you’d been told about the story?  Has it changed how you feel about To Kill A Mockingbird?  Do tell!

4 thoughts on “Go Set A Watchman

  1. Have it, but haven’t read it yet – want to refresh myself with To Kill a Mockingbird first, since it’s so long since I read it.


    • I thought about doing that, but didn’t want to get the two stories muddled in my head. Although there are obvious similarities they are different enough that the one does not depend on the other. Happy reading!

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