For ‘Thursday’, please read ‘Monday’

Two wheelie bins in the morning sunlightI’m not a huge fan of poetry – please don’t beat me!  In my youth I did a lot of teenage angst poetry writing, but I was never a great fan of reading poetry.  There are, however, a few poems that have stuck in my head over the years.

This morning, whilst walking the dogs, we intercepted the bin men on their rounds.  Something about the sounds of the wheelie bins being emptied and the rhythm of our footsteps opened a door in my memory and I found myself repeating part of a poem I learned at school.  I couldn’t remember all the words so, when I came home, I went searching for it.

In my head I’d been saying ‘Every Monday morning, before you’re quite awake’.  As the poem is about a Thursday morning, it made it harder to track down.  I’m pleased to say I found it, so I thought I would share it with you.

The Dustman

By Clive Sansom

Every Thursday morning
Before we’re quite awake,
Without the slightest warning
The house begins to shake
With a Biff!  Bang!
Biff!  Bang!  Biff! It’s the dustman who begins
Bang!  Crash!
To empty all the bins
Of their rubbish and their ash
With a Biff!  Bang!
Biff!  Bang!  Crash!